About The Nebulas

The Nebulas are the result of a powerful chemical reaction that occurred when elements of a highly-developed west coast guitar sound fused with a thunderous East Coast rhythm section in the early months of 2001. Yep that means we have been doing this for over 17 years and we are still at it. Hope you like the new site and the new material coming soon! Make sure to check out our shows page to check us out at a place near you and browse the merch page for some new swag! 

Meet the Band

Mike "Mig" Dominguez

Mike "Mig" Dominguez

Nebula I

Guitar "Lead"

Jimmy "TooFast" Nichols

Jimmy "TooFast" Nichols

Nebula II


Dan "Dano" Ware

Dan "Dano" Ware

Nebula III

Guitar 'Rhythm"

Eric "Ricky" Grammer

Eric "Ricky" Grammer

Nebula IV

Guitar "Bass"


Some old stuff and some new stuff!

Its Go Time – CD

This is our second full-length album, released in January 2004. If you liked “Nebula One”, our first full length, you’re going to freak when you hear this Bad Larry. Get yours HERE and NOW!

004 – 10″ EP – Limited Color Vinyl – Coke Bottle

New The Nebulas 4 Song EP in Coke Bottle Vinyl color!

Side A: Aktion Faction & Artifact

Side B: Servol[RAKE]Verb & Solid State

003 – SelfTitled

Our third full-length release. Analog. More raw production. Grittier. Heavier. Unmastered. MIG during his “angry” years. We call these “The Laramie Sessions”

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