Every now and then, someone has something nice to say about our music. We like that. That makes us feel fuzzy on the inside. Here are some nice things people have had to say:

On "It's GO! Time"...

----"The Nebulas are back with another amazing, high-impact set of blistering surf rock tunes. They've amazingly topped their debut release with songs that are instant classics.... Their sound blends the best elements of any Satan's Pilgrims releases, Man Or Astroman? and the Ventures' In Space LP. I doubt you'll hear a better surf/instro rock release this year (even from Doube Crown!) - a definite must-buy release!"

-Sean Berry, The Continental Magazine

----"The new CD from the Nebulas features some fine original surf, as well as a few covers, most of which are seldom done. The rich three guitar arrangements bring a lot of surf chunk, not unlike The Woodies, The Space Cossacks, and The Fathoms, and even inspired by The Astronauts at times. This is a fine CD."

-Phil Dirt, Reverb Central

On "Hot Rods, Waves, and Women!"...

----"This new East Coast instrumental surf band includes ex-9th Wave drummer Jim Nichols on the drums. Like his old band, The Nebulas play fast-paced reverbed surf-rock. However, this band is definitely more traditional and sound very similar to Satan's Pilgrims or Thee Phantom 5ive. This CD contains three originals and covers of "High Tide", "Steel Pier", "The Godfather", and "Swan Lake". For fans of traditional Lively Ones inspired surf rock this is an amazing disc. My favorite original on this disc is "Stop Thinkin' Start Drinkin'" - it's a great tune and its a slogan we should all live by. My favorite cover is their version of "Swan Lake" which has a sad melody cranked up with a savage surf beat. Let's hope they record another 6 or 7 tunes and come out with a full length soon!"

-Sean Berry, The Continental Magazine

On "Nebula One"...

----"Hailing from Somerville Massachusetts, The Nebulas couldn't be further away from the warm sunny beaches where surf-instrumental music originated. Who ever said you needed warm weather to play kick ass rock 'n roll surf music anyway? These boys play as if they were born in the back seat of woodie with a surfboard in their hands. With the best of the old and the power and electrical charged sounds of today, this band rocks you from the opening track straight through to the closer.
When you play a surf-instro CD you know what you are going to get, and for me that's a comforting thought. Other genres give you the unexpected, which is great, but this is simple straight forward no-bones-about-it music. Check out the track The Green Room and you will become a believer. What more proof do you need? Catch the high tide of this surf party and you will most certainly understand why anyone that loves good rock and roll absolutely loves this kind of music. Yes, a lot of it does sound the same, but what music doesnít after a while? My point is that itís nice to have some fun and frolic in your life with no frills. Roll down those car windows and blast this music, and I donít care if your from Alaska, this is great music no matter were its played! Now arenít you inspired? Letís rock with The Nebulas!

-Keith Hannaleck, All-Reviews.com

----"I just finished listening to the Nebulas first CD for the first time, and I simply had to write this: this is a great, GREAT CD! I'm sitting here with a huge grin on my face. Extremely wet guitars, fantastic lead and rhythm interplay, consistently excellent songwriting, chops up the wazoo, exploding drums, energy in spades, attitude, look, packaging, it's all just perfect! I love this CD! The Nebulas are the first great new surf band of the 21st century. These guys deserve a lot of recognition, and it's too bad that their CD is self-released and won't get heavy distribution. For a self-release, it's a high-quality package, with a stylish design, and a great sound. I think the best point of reference would be Satan's Pilgrims and maybe a bit of the Fathoms thrown in. But these guys, though extremely trad, already have a sound and style of their own. I can't recommend this CD highly enough to any fan of trad surf. The Nebulas rule.

-Ivan Pongracic, Lead Guitarist, The Space Cossacks

----"They certainly show an awareness and sensibility for the classic surf style, their numbers hark back to the '60s without being obvious copies. This is rich powerful inventive stuff and consistent in quality, which all adds up to a great album to delight all fans of genuine surf music."

-Alan Taylor, Pipeline Magazine, Issue #56

----"This is 100% surf, traditional but faster, powerful and very well written, with solid arrangements and excellent sound. 14 tracks, 14 picks! If you cross Mark Brodie and the Beaver Patrol with the Woodies, you might get the Nebulas. Highly recommended!"

-Phil Dirt, Reverb Central

----"The only thing they seem to want to do is make a classic sounding instro surf masterpiece, loaded with fast, pounding drums, insistent bass, speed picked guitar and an ocean of soaking wet reverb. There isn't a dog on the entire disc, but they've got their first masterpiece (that I know of, having never heard the band before) in "T-16," a song that has it all including a melody that is exotic and exciting, as well as an overall atmosphere that suggests you'd better start paddling or you'll be under that wave coming up fast."

-DJ Johnson, Cosmik Debris

----"Power instros...and not for the faint of hearing but beautifully scored and arranged. It's high activity, no-nonsense playing and the group should make many new friends with this outing on both sides of the water."

-New Gandy Dancer, Issue #66

----"The legacy of the still-potent Dick Dale, surf music's inventor, not only survives, but thrives, in the top-notch instrumental sounds of bands like The Nebulas. Throughout, the lead/rhythm guitar interplay is almost alchemical. The wraparound-shaded quartet marvelously (and loudly) conjure that classic '60s reverb-soaked sound, and yet stand on their own quite nicely, thank you. A perfectly sunny prescription for those wintertime blues."

-Gary von Tersch, Cool and Strange Music, Issue #27

----"Transporting their vintage '60s surf-rock sound from the West Coast to the East Coast, The Nebulas hit hard and hit fast with their latest all instrumental surf-rock extravaganza."

-20th Century Guitar, December 2002

----"The quartet decided to shun financial concerns, kick convention in the shins, and establish themselves as "New England's Premier Instrumental Surf Combo." Though that's definitely an odd moniker to hang your hat on, it works well for these space-aged surf rockers, as proven by their latest album Nebula One."

-Brad Melekian, Longboard Magazine, Jan/Feb 2003

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