Origins: The Nebulas are the result of a powerful chemical reaction that occurred when elements of a highly-developed west coast guitar sound fused with a thunderous East Coast rhythm section in the early months of 2001. In the fall of 2000, California-based guitarist Mike Dominguez (The Sand Dunes & The Aquatones) packed up his double-digit collection of Fender guitars & amplifiers and headed east to the Ocean State of Rhode Island. It was there that he teamed up with the preliminary members of The Nebulas resulting in "Hot Rods, Waves & Women", a brief 7-song demo (now long out of print and highly sought after) which introduced The Nebulas as a viable component of the 21st century's ever-evolving surf/instro scene. To achieve the optimum live sound, as well as augment future recorded works, the Nebulas recruited Dan-O Ware on the Fender Jaguar guitar as the fourth Nebula.

   Nebula One: In March 2002, after the combo's full-length debut, "Nebula One," hit the streets in a shower of critical praise and radio airplay, another Sand Dunes' alumnus joined the folds of The Nebulas in the form of Eric Grammer on the bass guitar. With its lineup solidified, the band began performing in earnest, playing high profile shows on both coasts (and places in between like Akron, Ohio) with the likes of The Red Elvises, Junior Brown, The Boss Martians, Slacktone, The Hypnotic IV, The Infrareds and Pollo Del Mar, among others. After a successful west coast tour in the fall of 2002, yielding the Double Crown Records release, "KFJC - Live at The Pit," from a performance on the legendary Phil Dirt's Los Altos Hills radio show, the band returned to New England to commence work on their next studio effort.

   It's Go Time!: In October 2003, during the mixing phase of their 2nd CD, the band was hastily summoned to Europe to liberate the low countries of Belgium and Holland with a 10-day offensive, during which many songs from the new album would be showcased. With demand for a new The Nebulas CD now at a fever pitch, the band released "It's Go Time" in January 2004 & immediately began rehearsing for a second tour of Europe - a mission successfully accomplished in April. Now officially based in eastern Massachusetts, this fusion of east meets west has produced a unique, full-bodied musical phenomenon that has impressed live audiences throughout North America & Western Europe, in addition to being featured on myriad surf/instro radio programs and compilation projects the world over. The Nebulas are currently writing and recording material for their third studio release and are in the early stages of planning their next California tour, scheduled for 2005.

   Self-Titled: In the winter months of '05, the band closed the armored door to their super-secret training facility located in an abandoned textile mill campus somewhere at the foothills of the Appalachian Mountains and began the tedious work of reorganizing the fine metal shavings attached to a stack of 3M analog tape reels into something resembling a D-day-esque aural assault on the world's ears. Some say mission:accomplished, others say "You should have had it mastered". Be your own judge...

   Now let's meet the band...

  Lead Guitar

Occupation: Manager of the east coast distribution center for OOPS! I CRAPPED MY PANTS! Adult Diaper Co.

Hobbies: rockclimbing, owning L337 Ha><0Rz at HALO 2, purchasing irreparably damaged musical items from Ebay...then selling the same items months later at a loss, curator of the Fender wing at the Rudy F. Rodriguez museum of vintage amplification, popping bubblewrap, first-person shooters on XBox, snowboarding, playing too loud, Co-President of the S.B.A.N.W. club and watching reruns of "Blacksheep Squadron".
   Mike possesses a rare form of O.C.D. in which he feels NOTHING is safe unless it is enclosed on a cocoon of clear packing tape.

Favorite sayings:
"Who's Duvel is this?"
"Did you guys feel that?"
"You just got a Nebulas BEAT-DOWN!"

XBox Live name: Nebula 1

  Rhythm Guitar

Occupation: self-employed at keeping the lost art of hand-c0d3d websites running & Call of Duty addict.

Hobbies: Longboarding, doing Bob Ross impersonations, whittling, saltwater flyfishing, Geocaching, searching on EBay for Mr. Rogers memorabilia and vintage air raid sirens. Not making money (obviously! I'm in a surf band!) and babysitting this friggin' website. He's known to have a penchant for watching World War II documentaries on The History Channel as well as perfecting lesser-known breakdancing moves.
   Little known fact: Dano has the ENTIRE G.I.Joe comic book collection (first print) from issues #1-125. At one time it was pretty valuable, but with the invention of Ebay it's value has dropped to roughly what a pack of "Ho-Ho's" cost at 7-11.


Favorite sayings:
"Just go."
"Call Ripley, he won't believe it..."
"I'm like two minutes away but I'm stuck in traffic!"

XBox Live name: Spanito Bandito

  Bass Guitar

Occupation: Something computer-related. Takes too long to explain...

Hobbies: Golf, collecting "The 'Nam" comic books, waffing, and annoying the rest of us with his lyrical renditions of what ever song is playing on the radio. Eric likes to warm up before a show by doing a routine nearly identical to Matthew Modine's pre-wrestling match warmup in the 80's movie "Vision Quest"


XBox Live name: NEBULA 4


Occupation: Vital cog in a Dutch conglomerate's bid to control the world's financial markets

Hobbies: Throwing golf clubs into trees; reading books banned by Wal Mart; watching C-SPAN, C-SPAN2, the Newshour with Jim Lehrer, and any National Geographic special about baboons; cleaning beagle "business" from his couch, carpet or down comforter (and often from a combination of the three); wondering if he'll suck as much at Halo 2 as he does at regular Halo; drinking Jim Beam at bars that don't offer The Glen Livet & realizing the next day that one should eat more than a donut for dinner before drinking Jim Beam at a bar that doesn't offer The Glen Livet, and lastly, driving back to the golf course two weeks later to see if his 4-iron fell out of the tree.

Things I hit: mid 60s Rogers Tower model drumset in green sparkle; 1966 Ludwig Acrolite snare; Zildjian cymbals; the floor.

Things I miss: the toilet; the fairway; the vicodin prescription.

TooFastJim also doubles as the band's official archivist, and has a talent for keeping extremely detailed tour diaries. You can read a few of those here:

California Tour 2002

European Tour 2003

European Tour 2004

...and one more thing: you've heard of THAT guy who STILL uses dial-up and a film camera? Well here he is.

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