Observations of the Pacific Observation Opportunity by TooFastJim

   Wednesday 2 October 11:00pm ET - Arrive at The Nebulas secret headquarters 3 hours behind schedule. Band members already on the phone with state police trying to locate my mangled body and/or car wreckage. I explained that I had begun the west coast time conversion two weeks prior, so that by arriving at 11pm, I was in fact honoring my pledge to arrive at 8pm. Oh well - 4 hours of sleep before leaving for the airport.

   Thursday 3 October - After 11 hours of flying and/or layovering (mostly the latter), The Nebulas arrived in beautiful San Jose, CA, picked up 15- passenger Chevy van (sorry Feds, no ladder rack on this one), christened it as the temporary Nebulas Aktion Van & proceeded to find our equipment, the cases of which were inappropriately handled and in some cases severely damaged by UPS (see photos).
    We had some home-made dinner (beef of some sort) and some of us headed out for some cocktails and late-night revelry.

   Friday 4 October (Zephyr Lounge, Reno, NV) - Van is packed & we're on the road to Reno, NV and the Zephyr Lounge after a good French Toast breakfast and a stop at Guitar Showcase for some noodling / drooling at vintage gear.
   While in Reno, The Nebulas stay on the 23rd floor of the elegant Circus Circus hotel & casino (but at the suggestion of one four-stringed plank plucker, prefer to poop at the ultra swank Peppermill casino just down the street).
    Before the show, we picked up our spare reissue Jag (sunburst finish with gold-plated hardware) from surf fan Doug & headed to the cozy Zephyr Lounge, after a brief stop at the Spice House to see the C-section scars sported by the "afternoon" talent.
    Opening band at The Zephyr Lounge were the Pyronauts - I had only recently seen their website & hadn't heard their sound - strong two guitar, bass & drum lineup with prevalent Fender tone.
    Their set was chock full of standard covers (none of which we play) and a few originals all executed well with intermittent head-banging from the rhythm guitar player. These guys even have their own guitar picks as well as a Christmas album.
    The Nebulas went on next & proceeded to get all the kinks out of our equipment and our arms - thanks to the P-nauts for lending us the reverb tank. Not a bad set overall, but certainly no indication of what we would come to sound like in the ensuing shows.
   Nebulas wardrobe selection: bowling shirts with sweaty names custom embroidered by Tumblin Dice. After the show, two members departed for breakfast with a vanload of groupies - Rudy packed up his gear and I sampled the scotch at the bar before heading back to the hotel to sample the cool tile floor of the bathroom & echo properties of the toilet bowl.
    Nebulas Gear Stop Counter: 3 (two stops at San Jose/Cambell area guitar/music stores; one stop at Bizarre Guitars in Reno, where Dano passed up a deal on a '63 Jaguar in great condition going for 1500 negotiable at the advice of ex-west coaster band members. "Oh dude, don't waste your time on that. You'll die when you see what's in San Diego...")

   Saturday 5 October (The Pit at KFJC with Phil Dirt): Left Reno after Rudy's request for a breakfast stop at Jack in the Box (who's Jack & why does he sell food out of his box? He looks like Mr Bill for Christ sakes - who wants to eat food from some guy made out of modeling clay?).
    Headed West on I-80, through Sacramento, into San Francisco and on a few other highways until arriving at the legendary Pit at the KFJC studio complex on the campus of The Foothills College in Los Altos around 4pm.
    The Phil Dirt show went well - very hot in the Pit - bugs coming in through the open door & burroughing into our nostrils and oral cavities during the performance. Toward the end of the hour, surf diehards Big Tiki Dude, Baja Marty & Uber-fan Doug showed up to catch the last few songs, including a broken string, clusterfuck version of Swan Lake.
    Aside from that, The Nebulas were pleased with the recording of the show & may even release some excerpts in the future - too early to tell at this point.

   Saturday 5 October (Blue Lamp, Sacramento, CA): After snapping pics with the inimatable Phil Dirt, The Nebulas are on the road at 7:30pm back up I-80 from whence we came, headed toward the fine capital city of California (and setting of TV's Eight is Enough) - Sacramento.
    As we arrive, Slacktone had just begun their usual blistering set, so a brief allowance for drool time was hastily included in the tour schedule.
    What's not to say about these guys - spot on, loud and vigorous.. .and I have to play drums after this??
   After Slacktone, Sacramento's own Hypnotic IV took the stage by force in a bloodless coup of reverb & Gretch & Mosrite intensity (played through blonde Showmans & Dual Showmens no less) - all with vintage 16mm surf footage swirling behind them. Clad in black suits with white shirts and black skinny ties, the H-IV (ok, that abbreviation doesn't look right) - The Hypnotic IV played great versions of songs found on their live CD, "Too loud, outta tune and barely gettin' paid," as well as many others.
    I don't know about the gettin' paid part, but they certainly weren't outta tune, and they were just loud enough for my ever-dwindling hearing capacity.
    The Nebulas were next up & were glad the crowd managed to stay around to see what the fuss was about.
    We made our California debut decked out in our Star Trek uniforms (the cleanest and dryest they would be all tour) and let 'em have it. This would be the first of many performances self noted as "best show of the tour," but we had a great time & played well through the blonde showmans graciously offered by the host band - we already had Mosrite and Showman envy so how could we refuse?
    Rudy broke a string during T-16 & settled for using the less-powerful gold-plated spare Jag while someone restrung his felled comrade. This was one of the longest Nebulas sets of the tour, clocking in at around 85 minutes and ending with a finger-hurting 4-song medley...at least two of my fingers were ripped open at this point.
    Left the club at 2:12am headed for Casa Surfliner - flophouse of the stars run by Vicky from the Surfliners- in nearby Davis, CA.
    After seeing her massive collection of Fender basses, guitars and amps, as well as surf music paraphernalia, checking out her collection of vintage General Motors automobiles (2 - '59 Chevys and a primo 1968 Olds convertible in sapphire yellow) and meeting some of her feline friends, we settled in for the night, but not before TFJ asked Vicky "So exactly which spot on this couch did Catherine from The Space Cossacks sit on?"
    It was Rudy and Dan-O in the house; Eric, myself and our cat allergies in the confines of the Nebulas Aktion Van - on separate bench seats of course.

   Sunday 6 October (Hotel Utah, San Francisco): Left Vicky's at 10:30am and headed to SF after a brief stop in Vacaville for breakfast at Denny's.
   Arrived at the Hotel Utah in downtown San Francisco around 1:30pm after abusing a few "bus only" lanes on the highway - nothing really going on here at this point - no activity in the bar, just a lone gunman wearing a faded Mermen shirt lurking around the entrance. He was soon joined by many other area surf fans who began to form a line & the club was soon open for business at 2pm - 4 hours ahead of its usual opening time.
    Thrilled to be going on first, The Nebulas loaded in and set up on the small stage, elevated between the sunken floor and the low balcony.
    Ferenc of Pollo Del Mar and Pop Mart had an impressive merch table set up to showcase his wares, as well as those of the Nebulas & Slacktone.
    Too hot for flight suits, Nebulas took the stage in bowling shirts promptly at 3pm in front of a crowd that would make a Boston bar proud at 11pm on a weekend during playoff season (you pick the sport). This time I felt we really played well - this was "the best show of tour" again. Rudy's amp sounded super loud, clean and crisp; Dan-O had occasional problems with his tank, but overall we were really sounding tight + surf footage was being shown behind us on a screen. Finished the set with Redlined/Malaguena/High Tide medley, then encore of Third Star to the Left.
    Pollo Del Mar took the stage soon after & played with remarkable intensity and passion - as with many bands whose CDs I have listened to, I was blown away by the precision of the live performance. I was packing my gear for the first half of their set, but the drummer's over-the-top-in-5 playing on Mission Impossible was permanently etched in my brain. I swear one of the best aspects of this tour is being able to see bands that I never thought I would see - Pollo is a prime example of this. Someone recorded this show on cassette & I hope to eventually get a copy - great sets by all three bands.
    After signing some posters and CDs, meeting some great people, and some old friends-turned-San Francisco-pervert-swingers, I headed back in to catch Slacktone, who again pushed the limit playing even better than the night before...if that's even possible, but I swear it happened. I'm really glad we didn't have to play after them this time.
    Among some of the folks I remember talking to: Stretch from the Submersians, members of The Pyronauts who we played with in Reno, Mark from the Balboas, Shig from Shig and Buzz & of The Mach IV - also John from the Mach IV & The Berzerkers. Jeff & Marty also made the trek up from SoCal for their 2nd Nebulas show in as many days (3 if you include their brief appearance at the Phil Dirt show).
    Left Hotel Utah shortly after Slacktone & headed somewhere else to eat dinner at Eric's sister's house. Eventually wound up at Nebulas Hilltop Headquarters - West Coast hereafter referred to as Rancho Relaxo in gorgeous Corralitos, CA overlooking Monterey Peninsula some 35 miles away.
    4 guys, 4 beds, 2 bathrooms - and all with a view (not of the bathrooms) - you just can't beat it.

   Monday 7 October (Ocean Thunder, Monterey, CA): Woke up at 10am & started sorting our equipment & tattered uniforms under the heat of the sweltering mid-morning sun. I reorganized my drums from the hectic loadout the day before while Dan-O started poking around the insides of his reverb tank with a soldering iron. I'm not sure if the sizzling was the tank or the overcooked bacon burnt by Eric...or was it both?? In any case, I'm not one to turn down free pork products. Whatever was done to the tank seemed to work - I don't think we had anymore problems with it. (Turns out the transformer had wiggled loose and in turn cause some of the solder points to break free)
   After repacking the van without the clothes (we'd be staying here another night), we parked it in the shade and commandeered another horseless carriage from the stables of Rancho Relaxo to cart our pale white New England asses to the beach in Santa Cruz. After eating at the Train Place Deli (with model trains buzzing about & thrilling videos of real trains in action available for viewing and/or purchase), we headed to The Starving Musician in Santa Cruz for Nebulas Gear Stop #4 - no medically necessary purchases, but I picked up a used but never used Pearl P-100 BD pedal for $40 (a good price) just in case, Eric got a plank-flattering pearl pickguard that makes his bass look almost as cool as Dan's (yours is nice, too, Rudy), and Dan got a tiny, AM radio sounding amp, so he wouldn't have to unpack his large amp just to tinker with his tank in the future. We then headed to Steamer Lane - famous Santa Cruz surfing spot included in the beginning of Endless Summer - for a look around at the Worlds First Surfing Museum located in a lighthouse there- saw statue of Duke Kahanamoku. Then it was to the beach for a cold water ball freeze followed by some nerf football as played by sunburned surf nerds. At 5:30, it was back to Rancho Relaxo & then on to Monterey for the big show at Ocean Thunder - our first of five with The Infrareds. I loaded the drums through the gradually increasing crowd to the patio area in back & began to set up; the rest of the Nebulas stowed their gear in the front for easy stage access. Then The Infrareds hit the stage. I remember hearing some of their CD they released as a trio a few years ago, but now they had Derek - the Farfisa Compact / Mosrite- wielding maniac playing through either a Showman or - his personal favorite - the Gibson Titan - joining Rory, Keegan and Matt for total onstage mayhem and insanity which left a stunned Nebulas speechless with freshly grown tails of glee - "oh shit," we thought, "now we're going to have to really work hard every night to keep up with these crazy f*cks" And it proved to be true - these guys absolutely rawked every single night with unbridled enthusiasm and antics & still had enough juice left over to go completely apeshit during our sets, particularly during "Nebula One" and "Vendetta." We were planning on about an 80% intensity level for a Monday night show in Monterey (that's what The Nebulas Touring Manual recommended), but after being blown away by The Infrareds, we had to jack it up to about 110- Rudy told me, "I had better live up to my name." Donning flight suits for the first time on the tour, The Nebulas hit the stage for the fifth time in four days - phasers on "kill" for the full-on one hour set. We played "Cecelia Ann" by request for Strech Reidle from the Submersians who came out again after seeing us the day before. My finger was ripped through three layers of skin, so I patched with duct tape midset - Rudy broke a string during Da Kat, but made a great recovery. Back to Rancho Relaxo for the last time & last good night's sleep of the tour, but not before stopping at Jack in the Box for some late night shit burgers at Rudy's insistence. The Nebulas stayed up for awhile, tinkering with the computer trying to update the website & looking at digital pictures, downloading some ProN, read some good reviews of our earlier shows and looked at the stars, which from the geologic vantage point of Rancho Relaxo looks better than any astronomy show I've ever seen on TV. I heard coyotes, so I went back in.

   Tuesday 8 October (Club Fred, Fresno, CA): 3 hour drive to Fresno from Corralitos - up a couple of big hills & then flat the whole way. It didn't seem like much goes on in Fresno except for drinking and fighting (unless we missed something), but it looks like a nice place to get gas between Sacramento and Bakersfield.
    Got a room at the Motel 6 that only had two towels - the office didn't have anymore - yeah we'll leave the light on for you, but you can forget about extra towels you dirty sons of bitches. Good thing we swiped towels from the last hotel we stayed at.
    Club Fred was a pretty sizeable venue, but as with any tour, there has to be at least one scheduling conflict - this time the club failed to cancel a lame open mic night as promised by the club owner. Of course the lesbian bartender had something going on with the little-freak-that-hates-her-own-life host of the open mic night, so despite Rory's efforts the open mic was to go on as planned. We thought the open mic would draw more people to fill the club, but as it turned out, the Infrareds were the ones that drew a substantial crowd & not the open mic people. So the Infrareds played a quick 30-40 minute set before yielding the stage to the gay dog poets for an hour, but not before taking a survey of who in the crowd was there to see the surf bands vs the miserable open-ass mic contestants - the crowd was much more vocal in favor of the surf bands - thanks to Rory and his friends for that, as most of those people hung around to check out The Nebulas.
    Pretty steamed after sitting through some pretty lame poetry, spoken word and casio-keyboard-accompanied ranting, The Nebulas took the stage in bowling shirts and angrily unleashed hot fury on the crowd. Right from the start, I had a double-dose of lead guitar in my left side - one from the amp; the other from the monitor which had nothing but lead guitar. After throwing the monitor aside, my bass drum started walking away. Eventually, Eric had to tame his tendancy to jump, instead holding my drum in place with his foot during Surf Party.
    Still a good set, despite being angry - what the songs lacked in precision, they made up for in outright aggression & still resulted in a good show. Infrareds Matt again got out of control during Vendetta. Thanks to Tom from the Neptunes for checking us out. Back to Motel 6 - the sooner we got to bed, the sooner we could leave Fresno.
Current Score:
Dano: 1 vintage guitar strap, three strings
Rudy: two strings
TFJ: 1 collapsible floor tom, 8 layers of hand-skin
Eric: unscathed

Wednesday 9 October (Lava Lounge, Hollywood, CA): Ate at Jack in the Box again (at Rudy's insistence...again. What is it with this guy and JitB?) on the way out of Fresno - then on to Bakersfield and over the Grapevine to Hollywood. Arrived at Sunset Blvd. mid afternoon and went to several guitar/music stores - at least 5 different ones, which would bring the Nebulas Gear Stop total to around 9. Great vintage guitar/amp room at the Guitar Center as well as a few other stores. After watching the hookers for awhile, we got a room for $100 less than a block away from the club at the Day's Inn - ate at Subway, then Dan-O went to a Cyber Cafe to ostensibly check email and/or the website. He returned to the room with reports of more good reviews from past shows, which got us all pysched to lay it down at the Lava Lounge later than night.
    Dusty arrived at around 7pm & took us to Amoeba Records - a huge record store with a surf section & just about everything else where we unloaded our wallets on some cool stuff. Then it was off to Pinky's Diner where some of us ate more (not me) & then over to the club where the Hawaiian music duo was just beginning. After them, The Volcanics took the stage wearing almost-matching blue cardigans & looking very similar to the Finks except for the color of the sweaters.
    They rocked the Lava Lounge with some cool & very obscure trad surf & originals - it was a great surprise to have them on the bill. The club really began to fill up & random, non-scientific head counts conducted by independent fans put the attendance between 70-100 at various times of the night, which in that small tiki venue, really fills the room out. Since a few people were anxious to see us and couldn't stay out too late on a Wednesday, The Infrareds let us go on after The Volcanics, which we found out 2 or 3 songs before the end of their set - meaning super quick set up for us.
    The Nebulas took the stage next, dressed in our slightly damp Star Trek uniforms & had another great show - this one probably was the best of the tour, at least equal to the previous Sat/Sun & Mon shows. The drums stayed in place & since the guitar players changed to heavier gauge strings, none seemed to break - which was good because they stopped using the less-powerful spare Jag.
    Among those in tonight's crowd - Big Tiki Dude, Ted from The Detonators, Dano Nichols from the Dynotones, Art from Musick Records, Dusty on his day off & countless others, including, as we found out later, William Shatner's personal assistant who was taking some Polaroids. I'm sure ol' Bill will be relieved to pull his head out of a scotch bottle to see someone as fat as he is now wearing a shirt that he wore 35 years ago.
    Highlight of this show was being joined on stage by original Nocturnes sax player Jim Frias for "Third Star" & "Journey to the Stars" - superfast version of the latter.
    The Infrareds then took the stage & kicked it up a notch - if that's even possible for them. Another killer version of The Bomboras "Organ Grinder," as well as some new additions to their set including Diamond Head and Squad Car, which until tonight, they had not played. Halfway through, Rory broke a string, so our very own Rudy Rodriguez took the stage & they blew through another great rendition of Journey to the Stars. After the show, Nebulas dined with Big Tiki Dude and Mr Frias at Mel's Diner for breakfast.

   Thursday 10 October (The Tiki House, Pacific Beach, CA) - Left LA late in the am after eating at Denny's and stepping on my sunglasses (not destroyed just in need of repair).
    Arrived at the San Diego State University campus around 2pm - two hours early for our interview with Clint Beachwood on his "A Day at the Beach" show. We sat on the steps of the main campus area without any "music to watch girls by," but enjoyed ourselves just the same.
   We were on the radio show from about 4-5pm with myself answering most of the questions put forth by Clint and special guest host, Big Tiki Dude. The rest of the band was relatively silent through the interview except the occasional burst of laughter at my stupid one liners that were either ignored or not perceived by the host.
    Big Tiki Dude brought along some good 7" singles of The Ghastly Ones, Huntington Cads, Satan's Pilgrims & more as well as a new CD-in-the-works from The Insect Surfers.
    We headed for The Tiki House at Pacific Beach and found good parking after 2 passes around the bar - then headed for dinner across the street. San Diego's own Creepy Creeps joined the bill for this show & went on 2nd after another great set by The Infrareds. Creepy Creeps used a lot of fog, green lights and some scary gogo dancers mixed with a white trash monologue "we're from Arkansas, you cocksuckers."
    Despite the cool name of the bar, and their cool tshirts, the venue was not best suited to live entertainment - smaller than the Lava Lounge with a covered pool table right in the middle of floor in front of the stage really acted as a barrier between the bands and the crowd - all bands, especially the Creepy Creeps really need a bigger stage and viewing area to be their best - although we managed to get a good recording of our show, which despite everything else, wasn't too bad.
   Another hasty retreat out of the bar with equipment being haphazardly thrown into the van & on to Ocean Beach where we would be staying for the next two nights.

   Friday 11 October (California Club, San Diego, CA): Woke up around lunch time and had "breakfast" at Hodad's - I was hungry so I tried the double burger which was so much meat and fixins that I just made a mess and didn't get much in my mouth.
    Then it was into a few surf and clothing shops and on to the beach. On the way home, I saw a gigantic cockroach in the grass on the side of the road. Naturally, I had to kill it! Turns out it wasn't a roach after all...I had smashed a pile of dog poop.
    So the band forced me to return to the town to replace my Chuck Taylors - at the inflated Ocean Beach price of $37.00 (low cut Chuck Taylors should run about $25 under normal conditions). So I bought the new ones, but refused to throw the others out, instead waiting for the feces to dry and, when the others weren't looking...scraping it out with the sole key to the van.
    "Here you go Rudy, here's the van key back".
    Anyway, on to the California Club/Lucky Lady, which was a bar / poker hall. We did not have high expectations for this venue, but were pleasantly surprised to find a large, swankly-decorated room with a big stage.
    We arrive early and loaded our gear in - programmed some Sabbath in the juke box & began to play pool. The other bands arrived & we got our drink tickets, which Dano began building paper airplanes with while I kept throwing my hard-earned cash at the bar for booze.
    The Infrareds went on first - this time decked out in red Elvis suits with devil capes - & really took it to the limit again. We were hoping to just wear white tshirts and black pants, but instead of being outdone by the devil capes, we pulled our still-soaked-from-Wednesday Star Trek shirts out again for the last time of the tour & played another good set of the hard & fast variety - so fast in fact, that my floor tom fell over midset - thanks to my Uncle Travelling Matt from the Infrareds who took a break from his antics to come on stage & fix it.
    Creepy Creeps went on last & were infinitely better tonight than they were the night before - they were really in their element being on a bigger stage + they did away with the white trash speak & just rocked out.
    After getting kicked out of the parking lot at 2am by the bar management (fearing another visit by the cops), we declined an invitation to TJ by The Infrareds & headed back to our Ocean Beach digs.

   Saturday 12 October (Suzy's, Hermosa Beach, CA): Woke up late & hungry in Ocean Beach - some burnout tried to jack Dan's bag of dirty laundry - which was so heavy that the perp had to abandon when Dan gave chase leaving his dirty drawers a bit dissheveled but intact nonetheless.
    Got the hell out of Diego for what seemed like a quick trip back up to Hermosa. Stopped at Guitar Center in Hermosa (Gear Stop #10) & then headed to GoBoy for a raid on their surf section.
    As it turns out, the store was already sold out of Nebula One - which we had given them 10 copies a few months earlier. We left them a few more to fill out their recently-ravaged surf section & headed to another guitar shop (GS #11) and then to Fatburger for dinner.
   On to Suzy's in Hermosa where we arrived early - another beer and wine only bar, but I somehow managed to get a margarita, which was basically tequila with a lime & some salt mixed with water. Shortly thereafter, The Detonators arrived including Billy Blast-Off in his RV as well as members of Chum and The Fabulous Planktones.
    The Planktones took the stage first after "comedy hour" that took 90 minutes - whatever - it was the last night & we were too tired to get pissed off at unfunny comedy.
    The Planktones were really great - alot more trad than I expected, but talent & finesse abounded. Great versions of The Fugitive, Music to Watch Girls By and Caravan - complete with a great drum solo.
    The Detonators decided to inject some hawaiian spirit into the night by bringing hawaiian leis and beach balls - beach balls are fun until people start getting hit in the head & drinks start getting smashed & spilled - wouldn't be bad if the bar replaced the drinks for free, but such was not the case. Bad Billy.
    The Detonators took the stage next & rocked to a mix of covers and originals - I was outside during most of their set replacing the shatter-resistant bulb in my bass drum, so the light of The Nebulas would shine proud for the last show, but my overall impression was good - I think I heard Mr. Moto and Penetration at various points of their show.
    Because the comedy hour dragged on later than usual, it had a delayed reaction throughout the night, leaving us with a short set - I remember saying to someone that tonight's Nebulas set would make even the shortest Bomboras set seem like a 3-hour Bruce Springsteen concert. Fortunately, many of the people in the crowd wanted to see what these non-hawaiian shirt wearing East Coasters were all about, so they hung around.
    As promised, we played a quick & furious set ending with a disastrous version of Third Star - train wreck ending with broken strings - a violent sounding finale to a great tour. A great night for merch sales after our show - people were stoked.
    Big Tiki Dude, Baja Marty, super fan Doug and Benny from the Volcanics all made it out to the show, as did Mel Spinella from GollyGee Records, who, after hearing our live rendition of The Supertones "Torque Wrench," decided to use our recorded version as the opening cut on his forthcoming Supertones Tribute / Modern Surf Band Spotlight - well golly gee - thanks Mel, we shore do appreciate that.
    On the road again for the 90 minute drive through LA to Oxnard, CA to spend the night at Rory's sister's swank bachelorette pad.

   Sunday 13 October / Monday 14 October: we headed back to San Jose / Campbell area to pack our clothes and prepare our gear for shipping the next day.
    On Monday we made the final Nebulas Gear Stops (#12 and #13 at the original Starving Musician and a repeat visit to The Guitar Showcase) as well as 2 or 3 record stores.
    I wound up coming home with 14 or 15 new surf CDs, adding considerable weight to my carry on baggage. Packed dirty clothes inside my floor tom for the trip home to reduce the weight of my checked baggage.
    Rudy was stopped at airport security for carrying a peculiar device known as a 1965 blackface reverb tank - I guess the knife he forgot to take out of his carry on got the nice officers interested in his electronics.
    After all was said & done, the tour was an incredible financial and public relations success, not to mention one hell of a good time. Look for The Nebulas to return to the left coast sometime next year - without a doubt.
    Just don't look too hard for us in Fresno, because we won't be there - no offense to any Fresnoids out there.