November 5th, 2004 — The Cutting Room, New York, NY

The Tiki House

   This show was put together by UNSTEADY FREDDIE...we all drove to NY separately as we couldn't make schedules meet, so we all decided to rendezvous at the club. It took me about 4 hours to get down to the city, and the club was a pretty easy find considering. As it turns out there was a sexual burlesque show before our scheduled slot. That was an interesting gig...we got to see a naked black man getting his ass slapped, cross-dressers exposing their genitals, and amateur strippers pasting wigs into their netherlands. It got really interesting when the MCs noticed four guys dressed in what appeared to be suits sitting at a table in the back.

   MC: "Hey, you guys in the back with the ties...what are you, FBI or something?

I couldn't help myself...

   "No, we're Mormons"

   MC: "Mormons!? Isn't it against the rules for you guys to drink and go to bars!?!"

   "Hey, even Mormons need a night off...Isn't that right, Elder Rudy?" as I take a big sip of my Red Stripe...

Damn, I love effing with people...


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