October 25th, 2003; JH Wollewei - Turnhout, Belgium

The Frontline
 This show was awesome, so many people came out were in attendance. The odds were definitely favorable for a good night even though it was raining its ass off this night. We got to play with Belgium's Premiere Instrumental Combo - ReefRider, we had free fruity beverages, a huge dressing area, and each one of us got a SHEET of beer tickets. Not just two or three like you get here in the states, but a SHEET. No one could have cashed in all those tickets and still have been able to walk out on their own two feet if they drank it's full value. This was also our last show for our tour, so it was fairly bittersweet. Playing the last song of the last show of a tour is such an landmark moment...I don't think words can capture it.

These photos were taken by a good friend who is also a professional photographer named Philippe Carly. He was cool to let us use some of his photos here, but if you would like to see more of this and other galleries, then go to New Wave Photos and check it out!

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