October 23rd, 2003; The Frontline - Ghent, Belgium

The Frontline
This show was something to behold. Heading to the show, we were stoked to play there, having seen the killer pics on their website. Boy were we in for a surprise.
 We arrived at the club to find that they had moved into a new location recently, and I mean RECENTLY. As we walked in there were still workers hanging heaters and lights, and the club was a frosty 40 degrees. This was going to be interesting...
 The cool thing is that our good friend Phillipe Carly came out with his camera and really worked some magic as you can see.

These photos were taken by a good friend who is also a professional photographer named Philippe Carly. He was cool to let us use some of his photos here, but if you would like to see more of this and other galleries, then go to New Wave Photos and check it out!

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