October 10th, 2002 — The Tiki House, San Diego CA

The Tiki House
   Thursday 10 October (The Tiki House - Pacific Beach, CA)

    We headed for The Tiki House at Pacific Beach and found good parking after 2 passes around the bar - then headed for dinner across the street. San Diego's own Creepy Creeps joined the bill for this show & went on 2nd after another great set by The Infrareds. Creepy Creeps used a lot of fog, green lights and some scary gogo dancers mixed with a white trash monologue "we're from Arkansas, you cocksuckers."

    Despite the cool name of the bar, and their cool tshirts, the venue was not best suited to live entertainment - smaller than the Lava Lounge with a covered pool table right in the middle of floor in front of the stage really acted as a barrier between the bands and the crowd - all bands, especially the Creepy Creeps really need a bigger stage and viewing area to be their best - although we managed to get a good recording of our show, which despite everything else, wasn't too bad.

    Another hasty retreat out of the bar with equipment being haphazardly thrown into the van & on to Ocean Beach where we would be staying for the next two nights.


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