October 9th, 2002 — The Lava Lounge, Hollywood CA

The Lava Lounge
Wednesday 9 October (Lava Lounge, Hollywood, CA):   Arrived at Sunset Blvd. After watching the hookers for awhile, we got a room for $100, less than a block away from the club at the Day's Inn - ate at Subway, then Dan-O went to a Cyber Cafe to ostensibly check email and/or the website. He returned to the room with reports of more good reviews from past shows, which got us all pysched to lay it down at the Lava Lounge later than night.
   Dusty arrived at around 7pm & took us to Amoeba Records - a huge record store with a surf section & just about everything else where we unloaded our wallets on some cool stuff. Then it was off to Pinky's Diner where some of us ate more (not me) & then over to the club where the Hawaiian music duo was just beginning. After them, The Volcanics took the stage wearing almost-matching blue cardigans & looking very similar to the Finks except for the color of the sweaters.
  They rocked the Lava Lounge with some cool & very obscure trad surf & originals - it was a great surprise to have them on the bill. The club really began to fill up & random, non-scientific head counts conducted by independent fans put the attendance between 70-100 at various times of the night, which in that small tiki venue, really fills the room out. Since a few people were anxious to see us and couldn't stay out too late on a Wednesday, The Infrareds let us go on after The Volcanics, which we found out 2 or 3 songs before the end of their set - meaning super quick set up for us.
  The Nebulas took the stage next, dressed in our slightly damp Star Trek uniforms & had another great show - this one probably was the best of the tour, at least equal to the previous Sat/Sun & Mon shows. The drums stayed in place & since the guitar players changed to heavier gauge strings, none seemed to break - which was good because they stopped using the less-powerful spare Jag.
   Among those in tonight's crowd - Big Tiki Dude, Ted from The Detonators, Dano Nichols from the Dynotones, Art from Musick Records, Dusty on his day off & countless others, including, as we found out later, William Shatner's personal assistant who was taking some Polaroids. I'm sure ol' Bill will be relieved to pull his head out of a scotch bottle to see someone as fat as he is now wearing a shirt that he wore 35 years ago.
   Highlight of this show was being joined on stage by original Nocturnes sax player Jim Frias for "Third Star" & "Journey to the Stars" - superfast version of the latter.
  The Infrareds then took the stage & kicked it up a notch - if that's even possible for them. Halfway through, Rory broke a string, so our very own Rudy Rodriguez took the stage & they blew through another great rendition of Journey to the Stars. After the show, Nebulas dined with Big Tiki Dude and Mr Frias at Mel's Diner for breakfast.



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