October 8th, 2002 — Club Fred, Fresno CA

Club Fred
      Oh, what a fiasco this night turned out to be! Arrive at Club Fred only to find out that the club owner DOUBLE BOOKED the night with an open mic event which he had promised he would cancel for our show. Looks like he forgot that one little detail. OOPS. So first up was The Infrareds much to the chagrin of the open-mic hostess, who under other cicumstances, I'm sure, was (is?) a really nice person.

   So on The Infrareds go, and just KILLED it. About 6 songs in, Rory says "OK, we're gonna hurry here and finish up, we've got..what...TWO people signed up for open mic..."

   At THAT point they finish the song, and he says "OK, just one more, this is our last one" and this continues hilariously for the next 4 songs.

   Finally open mic night begins, but not before Rory says "OK, real quick, whos here to see The Infrareds?" and the place goes nuts. Then he says "And lets hear it for open mic night?!?"


   So on goes open mic night, and we get treated to some beautiful original poetry about pets being gay, being gay, addictions gay people face, and a myriad of other gay-ness related items. Soon, I will post actual AUDIO CLIPS from the night which I'm sure you will find very emotionally distu...moving.

   So on go The Nebulas with the same vigor and enthusiam one would muster to begin making out with one's girlfriend again after her baptist minister father has just left the room after his untimely interruption.

Tonight's score:

   Surf Bands: 1

   Lesbian Open Mic night: 0


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