October 7th, 2002 — Ocean Thunder, Monterey CA

Ocean Thunder
   On to Monterey for the big show at Ocean Thunder - our first of five with The Infrareds. I loaded the drums through the gradually increasing crowd to the patio area in back & began to set up; the rest of the Nebulas stowed their gear in the front for easy stage access. Then The Infrareds hit the stage. I remember hearing some of their CD they released as a trio a few years ago, but now they had Derek - the Farfisa Compact / Mosrite- wielding maniac playing through either a Showman or - his personal favorite - the Gibson Titan - joining Rory, Keegan and Matt for total onstage mayhem and insanity which left a stunned Nebulas speechless with freshly grown tails of glee - "oh shit," we thought, "now we're going to have to really work hard every night to keep up with these crazy f*cks" And it proved to be true - these guys absolutely rawked every single night with unbridled enthusiasm and antics & still had enough juice left over to go completely apeshit during our sets, particularly during "Nebula One" and "Vendetta."

    We were planning on about an 80% intensity level for a Monday night show in Monterey (that's what The Nebulas Touring Manual recommended), but after being blown away by The Infrareds, we had to jack it up to about 110- Rudy told me, "I had better live up to my name." Donning flight suits for the first time on the tour, The Nebulas hit the stage for the fifth time in four days - phasers on "kill" for the full-on one hour set. We played "Cecelia Ann" by request for Stretch Reidle from the Submersians who came out again after seeing us the day before. My finger was ripped through three layers of skin, so I patched with duct tape midset - Rudy broke a string during Da Kat, but made a great recovery. Back to Rancho Relaxo for the last time & last good night's sleep of the tour, but not before stopping at Jack in the Box for some late night shit burgers at Rudy's insistence.


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