October 5th, 2002 — The Blue Lamp, Sacramento CA

The Blue Lamp

Saturday 5 October (Blue Lamp, Sacramento, CA): After snapping pics with the inimatable Phil Dirt, The Nebulas are on the road at 7:30pm back up I-80 from whence we came, headed toward the fine capital city of California (and setting of TV's Eight is Enough) - Sacramento.
   As we arrive, Slacktone had just begun their usual blistering set, so a brief allowance for drool time was hastily included in the tour schedule. What's not to say about these guys - spot on, loud and vigorous.. .and I have to play drums after this?? After Slacktone, Sacramento's own Hypnotic IV took the stage by force in a bloodless coup of reverb & Gretch & Mosrite intensity (played through blonde Showmans & Dual Showmens no less) - all with vintage 16mm surf footage swirling behind them.
   Clad in black suits with white shirts and black skinny ties, the H-IV (ok, that abbreviation doesn't look right) - The Hypnotic IV played great versions of songs found on their live CD, "Too loud, outta tune and barely gettin' paid," as well as many others. I don't know about the gettin' paid part, but they certainly weren't outta tune, and they were just loud enough for my ever-dwindling hearing capacity.
   The Nebulas were next up & were glad the crowd managed to stay around to see what the fuss was about. We made our California debut decked out in our Star Trek uniforms (the cleanest and dryest they would be all tour) and let 'em have it. This would be the first of many performances self noted as "best show of the tour," but we had a great time & played well through the blonde showmans graciously offered by the host band - we already had Mosrite and Showman envy so how could we refuse?
   Rudy broke a string during T-16 & settled for using the less-powerful gold-plated spare Jag while someone restrung his felled comrade. This was one of the longest Nebulas sets of the tour, clocking in at around 85 minutes and ending with a finger-hurting 4-song medley...at least two of my fingers were ripped open at this point.
   Left the club at 2:12am headed for Casa Surfliner - flophouse of the stars run by Vicky from the Surfliners- in nearby Davis, CA.
   After seeing her massive collection of Fender basses, guitars and amps, as well as surf music paraphernalia, checking out her collection of vintage General Motors automobiles (2 - '59 Chevys and a primo 1968 Olds convertible in sapphire yellow) and meeting some of her feline friends, we settled in for the night - Rudy and Dan-O in the house; Eric, myself and our cat allergies in the confines of the Nebulas Aktion Van - on separate bench seats of course.


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