July 13th, 2003; Phyllis' Musical Inn - Chicago, Illinois

This show was our final show of our little midwest foray. Phyllis' was a small outdoor venue which was arranged to go down on a Sunday afternoon. I'm not sure what the club had in mind, but I don't think it was us!
 A great time was had by all except the bartender who lost his job that night. Turns out the cops had shown up and told him to tell the loud-ass surf band blowing the neighbors out of their barcaloungers to turn down. I guess he had a rush of orders for Michelob Ultra or something and forgot, cause as we were leaving the cops were showing up IN FORCE. The show was not over for The Nebulas though, as we jumped in the van and drove 17 hours non-stop back top Boston. Wait, RUDY drove 15 of those hours I think...
 We'd like to extend a huge thanks to Phil Kucer and The Cocktail Preachers for inviting us out with them for the show. Support them by buying their CD!


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